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Episode 5: Activate Your To-Do List

Episode 5: Activate Your To-Do List

July 27, 2022

Today I'd like to introduce you to the concept of self-coaching in a simple, accessible way.

Self-coaching is the essential skill I teach all my clients and members so they can create success by managing their mind and processing their emotions whilst taking action and creating business results.

So let's start with something you're probably already doing and that's writing to-do lists.

Whilst to-do lists cannot manage your longer term strategy, they can focus your attention on a day to day basis so you stay in motion.

We'll walk through...

1, The 3 reasons to-do lists fail.

2, How to input your to-do list into the self-coaching model so they activate.

3, Examples to see how it works.

Remember to download the Joyful Selling Podcast Playbook to start applying the strategy to your own situation:

Episode 4: Creative Selling Summer School

Episode 4: Creative Selling Summer School

July 13, 2022

This Summer I'm running a FREE Creative Selling Summer School for professional artists, makers and educators.

It starts on 18th July for 6 weeks and is delivered direct to inboxes.

In today's episode I outline the golden nuggets I'll be teaching so you can start applying the work from today.

Gain self-confidence in your marketing and selling by aligning it with your unique creative process.

It's where the magic happens!

Sign up today:

Episode 3: Collaborate Your Way forward

Episode 3: Collaborate Your Way forward

July 6, 2022

Today's episode features one of my favourite joyful selling tactics which is collaboration.

I've collaborated a lot over the years which has been super fun whilst stretching my creative experience, building my audience and selling a shit tonne of products to excited customers.

Listen along to learn:

• The 3 reasons why collaborations are joyful.

• 5 steps to making them a success.

• The main reason a collaboration goes wrong.

• The ripple effect of a fun collab.

• 3 simple steps to get started.

Plus... the story about the time I reached out of my comfort zone to create the collaboration of my dreams.

If you want to pump some zing into your sales then collaborate your way forward!

This episode gives you the exact steps to make it happen.

Download your copy of the Joyful Selling Play Book so you can takes notes and make the strategy shared work for your situation:

Episode 2: Imaginative Selling

Episode 2: Imaginative Selling

June 29, 2022

When the depths of your wild imagination meet your selling strategy - the fun explodes for both you and your customers. Yet, as an industry standard we don't enjoy selling. 

In today's episode I share why we don't like it that much and how we can start to change our relationship with our selling process.

I walk us through three core areas to divide our selling strategy into: evergreen funnels, planned sales events and flash sales events.

And if your current approach to selling feels a bit flat I challenge you to create a flash sales event that connects to your creative process in the most compelling way.

I share a flash selling story from my jewellery making days that will throw the doors wide open to how you can approach selling your brilliant products.

Episode 1: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Episode 1: Ch-ch-ch-changes

June 22, 2022

What is it you really want to create in the world - what will your legacy look like?

In today's episode I talk about how my business has evolved over the past 12 months, the investments I've made to hone my craft and I walk through how I check-in with what's important to me to guide my decision making.

I've had a lot of fun making money in my creative business over the years and I've processed the feelings of shame and embarrassment around this so I can teach and coach on the subject. It's truly how I think I'll make difference within the independent creative community that is so dear to my heart.

Are you ready to joyfully sell your brilliant products and services?

Let's do this!

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