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Feeling Fear AND Taking Action with Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo

Feeling Fear AND Taking Action with Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo

September 22, 2021

Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo created SAN FABRIZZIO in 2001, initially as a fashion accessories business. The brand grew during the early 2000s, then came a showroom for young brands and later a physical store in Granada.

Fabrizzio consults for different fashion firms and now runs a digital platform and online store to combine the talent of creators who are trying to gain a foothold in the industry and earn a living with their ideas.

His purpose is to support those special projects, brands and small companies, and create a community of people who are united by a love of craftsmanship and creativity, embodied in a way of working and developing ideas and businesses in a fair, ethical and sustainable manner.

Today we discuss feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

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Running an Indie Biz with ADHD with Fran Hennessy

Running an Indie Biz with ADHD with Fran Hennessy

September 15, 2021

Fran Hennessy runs two independent businesses from her home in Leeds. Shimmy Shimmy Yay is a fun and happy jewellery and homewares brand that inspires people to live in the moment and not take life too seriously! Fran has now put her many years in the creative and marketing industries into helping other independent business owner's level up their branding, marketing and social media by setting up as a Creative Virtual Assistant.

However, today Fran is here to talk about something a lot more personal that has been rumbling away in her private life for the last couple of years. In March 2021, at 41 ½ years young Fran was formally diagnosed with ADHD. It's fair to say she has been on quite a journey and now wants to celebrate her diagnosis whilst raising awareness of the positives of ADHD and trying to detach some of the stigma surrounding the condition.

After Fran's diagnosis inspired several friends to reach out on DM's and start the same process, she decided to set up the wonderfully named 'OMG it's ADHD' Facebook group to share tips, articles and book recommendations and offer a safe support space. If you think you might be ADHD too here's the link: 

Check out Fran's Creative VA website here and fill in the form if you'd like a free discovery call: 

You can find her sparkly creations here:

Learn to tell your story with Mrs Bertimus

Learn to tell your story with Mrs Bertimus

September 8, 2021

Letitia, aka Mrs Bertimus, paints, draws, collages and stitches characters, which have been inspired by the North Lincolnshire landscape, everyday
life as a villager and half-remembered fairy-tales.

Letitia says that it wasn't until she started sharing the stories about her characters that she found people began to comment and connect with her work. And today she reveals the process of stepping out of her comfort zone to share those stories and the incredible impact it's had on her business ever since. Which most recently involves writing a book.

So if you struggle with telling your story and not wanting to label yourself listen along to today's episode to see a way through the vulneranility of putting yourself out there.

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Feel the fear in business with Jennie Seargent Designs

Feel the fear in business with Jennie Seargent Designs

September 1, 2021

Welcome to the series of episodes where we discuss a much avoided topic which is the fear experienced by independent business owners.

Today we are joined by illustrator Jennie Sergeant Designs. Jennie talks us through how she overcame her fear of going live on Instagram. Alongside many other fears she is feeling in her business and how she overcomes them by taking action.

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Championing Independent Makers with Heavy Gretel

Championing Independent Makers with Heavy Gretel

August 25, 2021

It's our final episode focusing on wholesale and today we go the other side of the counter to meet Hanna from @heavygretel

Heavy Gretel is a gallery and shop in Worthing, selling art, design and craft by independent makers and suppliers. They stock carefully selected work, with emphasis on hand-making. They represent their favourite contemporary jewellery, ceramics, textiles, prints, cards, plants, home-wares and interior decorations.

Hanna talks us through how their aim is to promote the work of independent creatives, championing their skills through regularly changing thoughtfully curated displays, telling the stories of objects - highlighting the power of making!

We get a real insight into the process of dynamic independent retailing!

Independent Retailing by Hana Glover

Independent Retailing by Hana Glover

August 18, 2021

Indie Roller member Hana is the face behind the purple bead shop in Nottingham and a life long magpie! She opened her first bricks and mortar 21 years ago to fulfil her dream of being a shopkeeper. She now sells beads, craft materials and haberdashery both online and in store with a love of sharing knowledge by teaching people new skills.

Hana reminds us that it's a human being behind the counter who is creating a story on the shop floor for their target customer. Her sage advice reminds makers to not take it personally if they're turned down from a retailer.

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Selling on Wholesale Platforms with Handmade by Tinni

Selling on Wholesale Platforms with Handmade by Tinni

August 11, 2021

Paulomi Debnath is a textile jewellery designer and maker who creates sustainable statement jewellery & home décor with organic cotton rope and yarn. Paulomi believes jewellery has the power to bring joy to your day. This motivates her to design colourful & fun pieces that can make you glow with happiness.

Handmade by Tinni was set up in 2020, inspired from the bright colours of nature and amazing places it's founder had travelled to over the years and most importantly from the rich heritage of India.

In today's episode Paulomi talks us though her wholesale journey focusing on setting up marketplaces: Creote, Anchor, Abound and Faire. We discuss pricing, making it work for a handmade business and the pricing strategy learnt from the Indie Roller Process.

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Get Started with Wholesale with Amy Quinn

Get Started with Wholesale with Amy Quinn

August 4, 2021

Amy from colourful jewellery brand Prickle People joins us to share her wholesale story from the epiphany of ‘hey....I need to get into shops!' to sitting on the doorstep waiting for DHL to pick up her boxes.

Amy decided last year that if she wanted to turn her Indie Biz into her full time job then adding in wholesale as a revenue stream was her strategy of choice. Fast forward 6 months and making jewellery to fill her stockist list of shops is how she spends the majority of her day.

We delve into utilising T&Cs as a selling strategy with minimum orders and incentivising higher spends with a free display stand and talk about lead times. Amy hopes that sharing her story will inspire others who might feel daunted to get going with wholesale.

If you’ve ever wondered how you would get started with wholesale then grab a pen and paper note down how YOU can make it happen. If you're an Indie Roller member it's wholesale month in the membership so download your workbook and follow the checklist to guide you. Enjoy!

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Getting Organised for Christmas with Emily Fox

Getting Organised for Christmas with Emily Fox

July 28, 2021

Emily Fox from Skull And Cross Buns talks about preparing for her 13th Christmas of trading. The business usually takes 75-80% of their yearly trade in Q4 with people wanting to create perfect finishing touches for Xmas with their stamp range - so its a big deal for them.

Emily has learnt a lot over the years - what's worked, what hasn't worked and she's faced big decisions like temporarily shutting online stores when they couldn't keep up with demand, major machinery breaking and stock issues.

This episode shares many pitfalls Indie Biz owners can face and how organisation is key so you can enjoy the buzz of one of the busiest times of the year! You don't need to panic this Christmas. Get organised so you can have fun!

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Prep For Christmas Your Way with Rebecca Lismer

Prep For Christmas Your Way with Rebecca Lismer

July 21, 2021

Rebecca Lismer, AKA Pigeon, is the one woman powerhouse behind The Pigeon's Nest. She is a fibre artist, crochet designer and content creator, who wants you...yes find the fun and make it FUNdamental in your day to day.

We continue the Christmas chinwag and encourage you to do it YOUR way. This includes starting prep as early as you want to and setting cut-off times that suit you.

Bex shares how she chunks down what want to do. Starting by gathering her own Christmas data at the end of January; making from February, getting her ducks in a row behind the scenes in August and marketing from September.

Cherry pick from Pigeon's workflow, add it to a timeline that works for YOU and know that communication is the magic ingredient.

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Christmas in July with Nerrisa Pratt

Christmas in July with Nerrisa Pratt

July 14, 2021

Nerrisa Pratt is the founder of Untld Project and she lives and breathes independent business as well as being a big-time craft enthusiast. She likes to stay busy and also runs The Bargello Edit, retro inspired craft kits brand for the modern maker. 


We start the episode by asking the question: What is Christmas in July?


Then relate it to indie businesses at the different stages from newbie to established.

Takeaways include:

✏️ How to reach out to magazines / journalists.

✏️ Time frame and key dates.

✏️ Planning and strategy.

✏️ Getting over the the fear of rejection to take action.

Have a notepad and pen at the ready whilst listening to jot down your action plan. So much good stuff! And this is just a fraction of what goes on inside the membership which in July is focusing on coaching our members to prepare for and have a panic-free Christmas this year.

We open up for new members on Tuesday 27th July at 9am when all our Christmas resources will be available as a self-paced content.

For now, enjoy this brand new episode of the #IndieRoller podcast. Woop!


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Halloween Horror Story Season: with Camille Medina

Halloween Horror Story Season: with Camille Medina

October 28, 2020

Camille Medina is a French illustrator who works from her home studio in Leicester. 

Her light-hearted illustrations aim to put a smile on people's faces, and she believes that illustration has the power to help people tell their stories, convey complex ideas visually, and beautify the objects that we use every day. 

Camille has worked with clients as diverse as the BBC, Jellycat, Templar Publishing, the  Natural History Museum, and the Leicester City Council. 

When she is not working on client projects you can usually find her working on a personal project, reading, or watching a film. 


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