Indie Roller Podcast

Becoming the Banner Lady with Darwin & Gray

March 11, 2020

A joyful and lively chat with Stacey Gray MacDonald on how she has brought her Indie Biz to life over the past few years and the moments that changed everything.


Stacey is a creative illustrator and a DIY enthusiast but more than anything, she calls herself a maker of banners. What started out as an escapism from University deadlines back in 2012 organically grew with thanks to social media and going to market....but painting banners always remained a hobby and never a 'brand' until she took the leap into life as a full time creative at the end of 2018. Whilst she's still trying to suss out how to run a business, she's beyond grateful that she gets to create pieces on a daily basis that aim to inspire, motivate and raise a few smiles all from her little desk in Derbyshire.

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