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Prep For Christmas Your Way with Rebecca Lismer

July 21, 2021

Rebecca Lismer, AKA Pigeon, is the one woman powerhouse behind The Pigeon's Nest. She is a fibre artist, crochet designer and content creator, who wants you...yes find the fun and make it FUNdamental in your day to day.

We continue the Christmas chinwag and encourage you to do it YOUR way. This includes starting prep as early as you want to and setting cut-off times that suit you.

Bex shares how she chunks down what want to do. Starting by gathering her own Christmas data at the end of January; making from February, getting her ducks in a row behind the scenes in August and marketing from September.

Cherry pick from Pigeon's workflow, add it to a timeline that works for YOU and know that communication is the magic ingredient.

Follow Pigeon's party of biz fun:

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