Indie Roller Podcast

From Boots to Buddy the Sunshine Van with Jo Want

February 26, 2020

When Jo Want discovered she had a form of alopecia triggered through stress, it was time to stop trying to do it all and focus on what lit her up. When going full time with Hello Sunshine, Jo made the intentional decision to up her Insta-game by creating a more branded grid but still infused her own personal passions into the process. Jo takes us on her adventure from saying goodbye to her full time job at Boots to embracing one of her life long passions and making it part of her business in 2020.


Jo is a 35 year young, cheese loving, cat and dog bothering, smiler who loves to adventure and explore the outdoors. Originally from Nottingham but currently based in Cambridge she creates fun, cheerful jewellery and accessories, as well as illustrating custom portraits of people, pets and campervans. Jo also travels to weddings and events to paint portraits from her Sunshine Van, Buddy!

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