Indie Roller Podcast

Illustration, Etsy & Kickstarting a Book with I Like Cats

March 4, 2020

When Toby from I Like Cats launched his first Etsy shop he sold nothing at all but that didn't stop him having another go at it under a new name with a different product range. 7 years later and his shop has been favourited 32,549 times and has 24,628 sales under his belt. Today we peek behind the scenes to hear Toby's honest approach towards making art to sell, how he created his own book and his plans for 2020. 

Toby is an illustrator based in Brighton in the UK who spends a lot of time drawing cats, which you can find on a huge variety of products like t-shirts, prints, badges and jewellery. He's inspired by childhood pets, a love of colour, sassy attitude and all things cute and creepy.  

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