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Make Art, Share Art. Make More Art, Share More Art with Jacqueline Colley

March 26, 2020

If you'd like to know how to navigate from one career path to another and the nuance of steps it takes to shuffle towards doing the work that truly lights you up then today's chat with Jacqueline Colley will fill you with joy. We tangent off on a fun discussion about the power of markets to build your business prowess and dive into getting obsessed with production methods to inform design process. This one is for all creative Indie Biz owners!


Jacqueline is an illustrator and Pattern Designer with a love of colour, pattern and playful designs! She has illustrated stationery ranges for Ohh Deer and fabric collections for FIGO if she’s not drawing you can find her snooping around an antiques fair or bothering her cat Mr Wilson! 

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