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Making a Living as a Papercut Artist with By Charlie’s Hand

March 18, 2020

In today's episode we are joined by papercutting artist Charlotte Trimm from By Charlie's Hand and we delve into collaboration, selling platforms and how difficult times in our lives can sometimes lead to taking decisive action.


I’m Charlotte a papercutting, rainbow making, tea drinking artist based in the valleys of South Wales. By Charlie’s Hand started in 2011 and I’ve been cutting holes in paper ever since. Making rainbow and colourful paper joy in my grandly titled ‘studio’ which is the box bedroom of the house I share with my boyfriend. I started papercutting after graduating from university with a Fine Art degree and moving back home with my parents. Wanting a way to keep my finger in the art pie when I couldn’t paint anymore due to a simple equation of carpets + paint = bad I had to find a new medium. Combined with a long held love for Rob Ryan’s work, a scalpel I found in my parents kitchen drawer and a very unfortunate year of death this all led to some terrible papercutting experiments, a Facebook page and eventually it becoming my job because I got a lot better at it and I’ve been a full-time self employed artist since 2012. 

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