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Overcoming Setbacks with Lil’s Parlour

March 26, 2020

The wonderful Lucy from CAKE by Lil's Parlour joins us today to discuss how she's overcome setbacks in her life to build an Indie Biz that she truly loves.  If the fear of rejection holds you back from going for it with your business then hear how Lucy has harnessed hearing no and turned it into a positive force that propels her forward. Enjoy


Lucy says: 'After a being a child obsessed with food and dreaming of becoming a TV chef ... to a University drop out living in a squat... to serial job hopper it was always clear the 9-5 wasn’t going to suit me, after a life changing event in 2006 I decided to finally face “Adulting” and trained to be a teacher. It won’t be any surprise that despite loving the creativity the role allowed, the politics and hierarchy got me down. After taking up baking as a hobby and having a “narrow miss” with The Great British Bake Off and Kirsty’s Handmade Home I finally left teaching to go it alone as a self employed person after the profession was damaging my health and well being. I have been full time with CAKE by Lil’s Parlour since 2015 and have just celebrated 5 years of “winging it”, having never written a business plan or sat with a bank manager. 

I am grateful every day for my corner of a saturated market. In the past 12 months I have completely changed my business model to offer mostly postal treats, all invented by me and each one a piece of my own imagination inspired by my own food memories. From The Brownie Corndog to the Wagonish Wheel every product is a little part of my story. I always stand by my values of creativity, honesty and kindness and in the process have built an incredible group of loyal customers who cheerlead me into the next project.' 

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