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Season 2: Indie Biz & Covid-19 with Rosie Johnson Illustrates

April 11, 2020

After a short break we're back with Season Two and for this batch of episodes we'll record/edit/publish as we go to share up-to-the-moment stories from Indie Biz owners and industry experts responding to Covid-19. The intention is to share positive experiences that are real, relatable and useful during this surreal and turbulent time. I'm delighted to launch this season with Rosie Johnson who is single-handedly lifting the spirits of so many of us over on Instagram with her insightful, personal and uplifting posts. In today's episode Rosie shares how she is currently running her business, home-educating her children and being in the moment with her career and family choices. 


After leaving a 15 year teaching career, Rosie opted for the much more stable and well- remunerated profession of freelance illustrator in 2016. As well as creating illustrations for her prints, products and for businesses such as The Blurt Foundation, she has written several pantomimes and has 3 manuscripts which she hopes to turn into proper children’s books soon. She is a Just a Card team member and a big fan of the Indie Business community. 

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